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The Hollow Earth Insider
Research Report
The very first headline in this premier edition has to be:
W O W !
Not because I'm retiring in two days. And not because Andy Chung, our web designer, has taken my idea of a new streamlined THEI web page and redesigned it just as I wanted it. (And how about this new blog? We movin' uptown now!)
Nor is the wow headline there to signify that Pete Navarro and my book, The Secrets of Dellschau is FINALLY going to be released soon. No. The headline actually stems from a total unrelated incident.
Usually this page gets between 20-40 visitors a day. Imagine my surprise Monday when I checked the stats to find out that on Saturday we had had 457 hits! Then we had 211 on Sunday. 130 Monday and 90 yesterday. All I can say is I'm glad this amazing increase in visitors to THEI didn't start today. Can you imagine ... the first day I start posting to this new edition of THEI and I get 467 hits!!!! That probably would have been my last post because of the heart attack. Anyway, I did a little research and found that what had happened was had posted a link to our report on John Hanson, the Real First President.
Thanks Jeff for linking up!!!
Welcome to those loyal Insiders out there who have been after me for years to start publishing THEI again. Well here it is, ready or not.
Welcome also to those who are new to THEI. You might want to read a few of the Reports in our archives for a starter to help bring you up to speed on the scope and direction of these Research Reports. The Reports in our archives were all originally published in the popular underground fanzine of the same name that I published in the mid-90s.
At any rate I hope you join us as we delve into things that many would call investigations by the lunatic fringe. If that be so then it is our goal to develop THEI into a major source for reports from the cutting edge of that region of knowledge.
These first issues will be a learning curve as I get back into the swing of things. After all, it has been over 10 years since I mailed out the last original THEI. In 1994 when I first got the idea for the 'zine I set a personal goal to make each edition better than the last. I recently scanned the original fanzines into .pdf files in order to eventually make them available as e-books. As I sorted through the pages I felt very strongly that I had succeeded on improving on them with each issue. The other goals I had set for myself all those years ago was to present thought provoking ideas and information in an entertaining way. I also feel that I reached those goals with the zine. These were my goals for the first THEI Research Reports and these are my same goals in this new age. Oh, and one more important thing. I must NEVER forget my #1 rule of life ... Never take myself too seriously.
The Secret to the success or failure of this publication rests with you, the Insider. The original Insider was received by subscribers in all 50 States and 37 other countries. There were even several copies of key issues taken to the South Pole and left in the small library ... hopefully they are still down there. The huge success of the original publication was the staggering amount of information I received by return mail from many of these Insiders around the world. Many of the best research reports actually got their beginning from a piece of information or small news article furnished by one of our readers. Remember one thing ... everyone knows something.
This new Edition of THEI is going to be my new job after I retire and I plan on devoting much of my time to research and investigation and reporting. But first I have several priorities vying for my time. Secrets of Dellschau is finally about to see the light of day and I need to spend some of my new-found time on a web page for the book along with proofreading it when that time comes. In April I'm going to take a month off and take a leisure vacation in my favorite state, Texas. For a short time after that, of course, I'll be a slave to the book, doing whatever it takes to get the word out. I'll still keep this page interesting during that time but I just won't have the time it takes to do deep heavy investigation and research. That will come later. For now, I'll keep it light.
The good side of the coin ... this will give us ... you, the Insider and me, the Editor ... time to develop, together, an enjoyable blog. After all, THEI is ... The Cutting Edge of the lunatic fringe!
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